Graduate Student Reserve Board

The Graduate Student Reserve Board is to provide financial assistance to University graduate clubs and organizations through the cosponsorship of events and activities that enhance the graduate student experience and foster a stronger LMU community.

To get funded please follow these easy steps:

1. Completing an application (check back soon for an updated 2016-17 version)

  • All sections of the forms MUST be completed before you submit them to the Treasurer. Remember, it is to your advantage to be as accurate as possible concerning the details of your program (especially financial information). You MUST attach invoices, estimates, and any other information that would provide further clarification about the event. You also MUST include example publicity with GSLMU Logo. The GSLMU Logo can be found on the GSLMU website on the clubs/orgs page.
  • Not have any financial holds placed by the GSLMU Treasurer

2. Submit Your Form to and coordinate with the GSLMU Treasurer a time for a skype, phone or in person application with the GSRB Board.

  • If missing components to your application packet are discovered during the Treasurer’s initial review, you will not be eligible to present.

3. Waiting for your results

  • Within ten school days following the monthly deadline, the Treasurer will electronically deliver to the proposing party an 2016 GSRB Allocation Report summarizing the GSRB decision and justifying any partial or full denial of funds. If you feel your proposal was treated unfairly, your club/ organization must follow an appeal process.

4. Program Summary Report

  • When you receive your Allocation Report, you will also receive a blank 2016 GSRB Program Summary Report. Following the completion of your event, please submit a completed Program Summary Report. Turn it in NO LATER than 30 days after the event. Organizations which fail to do so will not be allowed to submit any more requests and will be placed on “financial hold.”

If you have any questions please contact the GSLMU Treasurer at