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Cast your vote for next year’s Executive Board! Voting begins March 20 and ends at 5:00pm on March 22! Show your voting confirmation page to receive special incentives during the week such as swag and free beer/cider/wine and pizza at the Loft! For more information on GSLMU Elections, contact Elections Chair, Gabriela Arana at gabriela.arana@lmu.edu.

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Candidates for President

Alexander Herbert
Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
Program of Study: Bioethics 

Biography: Alexander Herbert was born and raised in northern New Jersey. He thinks it is crucial to assure voters that no; he does not watch Jersey Shore. He studied physiology as a pre-med student at UCLA and is currently in the Bioethics graduate program here at LMU. He hopes to one day practice psychiatry. During his time as president of his fraternity, he was committed to ensuring the chapter maintained a positive purpose, which often entailed networking charity events to give back to the community and enforcing chapter policies geared towards upholding standards of academic proficiency. He also developed an educational program for fraternities intended to address and improve their standards on how members are expected to treat women. Currently, he is the graduate assistant for LMU’s Student Psychological Services, which caused him to become passionate about learning how universities can better address the needs of students struggling with a wide range of personal and mental health issues. He frequently is the point of contact between LMU’s mental health professionals, the various departments within Student Affairs, the Department of Public Safety, and the Dean of Students Office. He finds this small role in helping fellow students address and overcome their personal challenges to be tremendously rewarding.

Platform: If elected president, my first priority at all times will be to ensure that all graduate students, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, disability, religion, debt, or documentation status, feel their tuition payments are being used in their best interests. Many grad students are paying their own tuition through loans, working fulltime jobs, and even supporting family members that depend on them. Universities should not be spending millions on paying top administrators ridiculous salaries and building state-of-the-art athletic facilities. Not only has the cost of college become increasingly untenable for most people nation-wide, but the cost of just living in California alone is incredibly high. Universities have also become excessive bureaucracies that seem more concerned with abiding by arbitrary policies than actually helping students graduate and excel professionally. I want to hold the university accountable in making the graduate experience as easy as possible outside the classroom. Graduate students work too hard for their time, money, and energy to be wasted by unethical spending and administrative bureaucracies. Here are some serious issues that I pledge to continuously address if elected to serve:


If given the honor to serve as your GSLMU president, I pledge to always listen to the concerns and complaints of students, identify actual problems that affect their LMU experience, and enact meaningful changes to solve them.

Nicole Mann
School of Education
Program of Study: Higher Education Administration

Biography: Nicole Mann grew up in La Habra, California and graduated from La Habra High School in 2013. After graduation, Nicole packed up her bags and moved across the country to attend the University of West Georgia. There, she gained a wide variety of experience working in various Student Affairs divisions, including Greek Life, Housing Academic Resource Center, Housing and Residence Life, and the Admissions office. She soon fell in love with the way colleges and universities enable students to develop and pursue their dreams. After graduating summa cum laude in 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and minor in Spanish, Nicole moved back home and took a job working as a Student Affairs Coordinator at a local private Christian school. In 2017, Nicole applied and accepted her admission offer to Loyola Marymount University as part of the Master’s in Higher Education Administration program. At LMU, Nicole serves as a Graduate Assistant in the Sorority and Fraternity Life office, as well as the Student Leadership and Development office. When Nicole graduates in May of 2019, she will embark on a career that will allow her to continue her passion for working with students and making their college experience a safe place to develop and pursue their dreams.

Platform: As a candidate for GSLMU’s President, the most important element of my platform is my dedication and passion for best representing all graduate students. The president is charged with the responsibility of being a liaison and advocate for all graduate student needs, and working to make effective change happen. As graduate students, we come from very different experiences, backgrounds, and professions, each accompanied by their own individual requirements and needs. Many times, these needs may feel unmet, or that we are left out of many considerations and opportunities presented on campus. As a graduate student, I fully believe in LMU’s mission statement and the administration’s ability to provide the best educational experience possible. However, part of that responsibility lies on us as well. Our responsibility as students is to voice our opinions, pose solutions, and advance the graduate student experience for future generations. We have the responsibility to make LMU a better place to encourage learning, educate the whole person, contribute to service of faith, and promote justice.

As a student in the Higher Education Administration program, I have learned that a large aspect of my leadership style is being solution and future oriented. The three questions I always ask are: What problems do we have? What is causing these problems? How can we work towards a solution? While I hold many ideas to enhance our graduate student experience, such as making academic, professional, and personal resources more readily available and accessible, my priority is hearing your ideas, thoughts, opinions, and solutions, and putting them into action.

Authority and power are not a privilege, but an opportunity to fight for something greater than yourself. As a future higher education administrator, fellow graduate student, and candidate for President, I am dedicated to and prepared for my responsibility of being a leader, fostering positive relationships with LMU administrators, and create the changes we want to see in our educational experience. Most importantly, I am excited to work with you and for you!

Candidates for Vice President

Amin Bagheri
Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
Program of Study: Philosophy

Biography: I am an international student from Iran and have studied here in the US for the past 7 years. I have had previous experience with student government. At this point I am trying to obtain a masters degree from the philosophy department. I appreciate your consideration.

Platform: I am running to primarily support the president. By giving proper advice to the president we shall hopefully engage more graduate students in inter-departmental activities and exchanges. We will also work to better our programs and events that provide a diverse point of view as it is encouraged in the Jesuit tradition. I appreciate your consideration.

LaDana Willis
School of Education
Program of Study: Higher Education Administration

Biography: LaDana Willis is a first year graduate student in the Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration program.  With aspirations to one day become a double alum of Loyola Marymount University, she attributes much of her secondary and post- secondary education and personal growth to the Jesuit tradition of educating the whole person.  As a member of GSLMU, she hopes to improve the first year experience of graduate students and their social engagement with the large LMU community.  She is passionate and committed to matters of equity and inclusivity, access to higher education, and the socioeconomic disadvantages of underrepresented communities.

Platform: As a candidate, I am seeking the position of GSLMU Vice President in hopes of focusing on three major areas: 1) engagement, 2) an enriched experience, and 3) student advocacy.   As LMU’s graduate student division continues to grow and expand, the graduate student government must engage a diverse student population.

1.  Engagement

Many graduate students are working professionals and are challenged with managing time commitments between work and life obligations.  As Vice President, Dana plans to focus on innovative methods of communication to engage graduate student participation in the larger LMU community.  In order to maximize graduate student involvement on and off campus, Dana plans to strengthen student engagement through a vast online media presence.

2. Enrich experience

Loyola Marymount offers invaluable resources and opportunities for students.  Dana would like to help extend opportunities for professional development and resources to graduate students.  If elected, Dana will encourage more opportunities for graduate research and publications, professional developments, and educational programming.

3. Advocacy

Graduate students are a unique student population, with a distinct set of concerns and challenges.  As Vice President, Dana will be committed to representing the concerns of the graduate student population.  Dana hopes to work with senate to advocate for policies and procedures that best serve graduate students.

Candidates for Treasurer

Brandon Estrella
School of Film and Television
Program of Study: Film and Television Production

Biography: Brandon Estrella was born and raised on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii in the small town of Hilo where he attended St. Joseph’s High School. He moved to Seattle, WA for his undergraduate degree at the Jesuit institution Seattle University. From there, he received a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering with an emphasis in Structural Engineering. After school, he worked fulltime as a bridge designer working for clients such as WSDOT and Caltrans. His love for creating art and storytelling introduced designing for film and theatre into his life. Estrella worked fulltime as both an engineer and as a scenic and production designer, until coming to LMU in pursuit of his MFA in Film and Television Production. Within the LMU community, he works for the Budget Office as a graduate assistant for the School of Communications and Fine Arts. Within the GSLMU Community, he has been a proud Senator representing the School of Film and Television fighting for increased development opportunities and programs for his fellow graduate students. He is excited to bring his knowledge and ideas to the GSLMU Executive Team, and he looks forward to serving as your next GSLMU Treasurer.


  • Use the GSLMU Treasurer role to continue GSLMU’s success and financial integrity through efficient budget oversight and allocation of funding.
  • Use current knowledge obtained as Budget Office Graduate Assistant for the School of Communications and Fine Arts to improve the financial organization and monitoring of all GSLMU funds.
  • Create opportunities to increase the social and academic programs offered by GSLMU.
  • Continue the Conference Scholarship Program created by the current administration which provides partial funding to alleviate the costs of attending conferences.
  • Build upon and continue the success of the GSLMU Graduate Student Summit as the Chairperson for the Graduate Student Summit Committee.
  • Create an allocation of funds for each Senate Representative Team that they can use to best support the needs of their respective constituents.
  • Ensure that the concerns and needs of all Graduate Students of LMU are heard and represented.
  • Make all of our time here at LMU a meaningful and joyous experience.

Melinda Lê
College of Business Administration
Program of Study:  Business Administration

Biography: Melinda Lê is a first year MBA student interested in doing an emphasis in Finance. She was awarded with a BA in Anthropology in 2015 from University of California, Los Angeles. After graduation, she interned as a Conference Coordinator with the Conference Services department at UCLA. In October 2015, she joined Loyola Marymount University as a Business Coordinator for the Conference & Event Services department. She was able to solidify her skills in Microsoft Excel while gaining experience with 25Live, Concur, and StarRez among many other programs. She also became the unofficial content creator for marketing materials creating flyers, videos, and managing the department’s social media accounts.

Platform: My name is Melinda Lê and I am a current first year MBA student with an interest in doing an emphasis in finance. I currently work as the Business Coordinator for the Conference & Event Services department at Loyola Marymount University. A big part of my current role already is dealing with accounts payable and receivable. I promise to be efficient and cost-effective without giving up on quality. I hope to be able to call myself Treasurer of GSLMU 2018-2019.

Additional Leadership Opportunities

Senate: The principal purpose of a Senator is to serve as a representative of and advocate for the needs and interests of all graduate students at LMU and provide accountability and competence through oversight.  Senators are authorized to determine general rules, regulations and policies of GSLMU. They are also authorized to pass non-binding resolutions for the purpose of expressing approval or disapproval on issues, events, or policies over which the Senate lacks legislative jurisdiction. Fourteen graduate students shall be elected in the GSLMU General Election (two from each college).