GSLMU Spring 2016 Dates 

calendar3                                                          Mark Your Calendars!!

Friday, January 22nd – 5:30pm, Malone 306
1st GSLMU Monthly Meet Up

Friday, January 29th – 7pm, Backstage Bar & Grill
Karaoke Night!


Saturday, February 20th – 11-1pm, Gersten Pavilion
Men’s Basketball Tailgate


Friday, February 26th – 5:30pm, Malone 306
2nd GSLMU Monthly Meet Up

Bolero the Lion visit!! (Details & RSVP here)
Saturday, March 12th-10am, Wildlife Waystation


GSLMU Elections 
March 16-18th, Vote via MyLMU portal

3rd GSLMU Monthly Meetup
Friday, March 18th-5:30pm, Malone 306

Relay for Life (RSVP coming soon!!) 
Friday, April 8th-Noon-Midnight, LMU


4th GSLMU Monthly Meetup
Friday, April 15th-5:30pm, Malone 306

End of Semester Party!! Whiskey Red’s, Marina Del Rey
Friday, May 6th, 7:30-10:30pm, RSVP here.

GSLMU social

GSLMU Fall 2015 Dates 

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Friday, September 11th – 5:30pm, Malone 306
1st GSLMU Monthly Meet Up

custom hotel
Friday, September 11th-7:00-11:00pm GSLMU Fall Social at the Custom Hotel (8639 Lincoln Blvd)

Includes: food, drinks, networking & fun



Friday, October 9th-5:30pm, Malone 306meetingroom
2nd GSLMU Monthly Meetup

Sunday, October 18th-12-2pm, Sullivan Field
Fall Tailgate

Monday, October 26th-3:30pm, UHall
LMU Children’s Center Halloween Event

Friday, November 13th-5:30pm, Malone 306
3rd GSLMU Monthly Meetup

Friday, December 18th – 8-12am, Dave & Busters
GSLMU End of Year Party!!!  See details below.

end of semester party