Committee Chairpersons 2016-17

Academic And Research Committee
Brittany Davis

Develops and organizes initiatives and programming related to intellectual, scholarly, academic and professional life. This committee will also help represent the interests of the Association with the faculty.

Alumni Committee
To be announced

Maintain and bridge relationships between LMU’s Alumni Relations and with alumni from the University

Communication Committee
Sandie Valenzuela

Develops and manages communication through social and traditional media for events and information. Chaired by the GSLMU Secretary.

Technology Committee
To be announced

Manages technology for the Association and supports the Communication committee in managing the appropriate communication tools for the message 

Election Committee
Lauren Moreno

Develops and oversees the election process for Officers each Spring, oversees filling of vacancies. Chaired by the GSLMU Vice President.

Faith, Services And Social Committees
Faith Committee Chairperson: To be announced
Service Committee Chairperson: Gaby Arana
Social Committee Chairperson: To be announced

Develops and organizes programming that addresses a broad range of social and community building interests