Election/Leadership Opportunities

Executive Board (2017-18)
Candidate Information

Cast your vote for next year’s Executive Board during March 21 starting at 9am until 5pm on March 23! Screenshot your voting confirmation page to receive special incentives during the week such as tanks, gift cards to restaurants, or a free beer at the Loft! Planning on attending the Grad Gala? Promotional codes for tickets ($5 off/ticket) will be emailed after the voting period to those who voted! For more information on GSLMU Elections, contact Lauren Moreno, Elections Chair, through gslmu@lmu.edu.

Candidates for President

Sandie Valenzuela
SOE / Counseling (LPCC/PPS) ’18

Biography: Sandie Valenzuela previously graduated from UC Irvine in Psychology and Social Behavior and is currently in the second out of her third year in the counseling program, LPCC/PPS combination track. During her first year at LMU, she served as a founding board member and Secretary for the Counseling Graduate Student Association and as Chair of the Service Committee for GSLMU. Currently for GSLMU, she serves as Secretary which has allowed her to use her skills in marketing and graphic design to increase marketing engagements (read: emails), helping improve awareness for GSLMU and attendance rates for GSLMU programming, namely monthly meet-ups and socials. Her professional goals include becoming a high school counselor assisting those looking to attend a 2-year or 4-year college as well as Pre-Health students and advocate for youth with anxiety or in crisis or trauma—specifically those who have experienced a sexual assault or are grieving from the loss of a loved one. Aside from volunteering in programs benefitting youth, Sandie is an avid foodie, explorer, and Netflix/Hulu-er, currently enjoying shows such as This Is Us, Bob’s Burgers, and The Voice.
StrengthsFinder: Strategic, Empathy, Developer, Relator and Responsibility

Use President role to unite and advocate for the graduate student body
Increase/Improve graduate student social and activity offerings that consider the off-campus graduate student commuter(s) and those with special needs
Increase professional development opportunities potentially through professional development conference, mentoring undergraduate student opportunities or off-campus networking events
Develop a council to unite Graduate Student Organizations to allow for an opportunity to voice the needs for graduate students
Supporting the well-being of the Executive Board, committee chairs, and senators

Candidates for Vice President

Gabriela Arana
SOE / Higher Education Administration ’18

Biography: Gabriela received her BA in Anthropology and Sociology at Whittier College. As an undergraduate, she participated in multiple clubs and coordinated events for different departments on campus while maintaining two part-time jobs off campus. In addition, her work study experience in the Dean of Students office inspired her pursuit a Masters in Higher Education Administration. She now works fulltime as an administrative coordinator in LMU’s Office of Human Resources and is entering her second year in the Higher Education Administration program under the School of Education. Her hope is to work in Student Affairs someday where she can lead students to success and advocate for their needs. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she enjoys exploring the city, is at home at the beach and loves to try new things (is also happy to offer great food suggestions).

Platform: My goal as GSLMU Vice President is to promote awareness of GSLMU through marketing and involvement with other groups on campus. I want to make sure GSLMU continues to grow and become more predominant as a positive influential force on campus. Student leaders make a difference and give voice to students who may not be able to speak up for themselves. After serving as chair and member of several committees this past year, I learned a great amount about what students can accomplish and the benefits that come from simply being involved on campus. Participation, even a small amount, provides students with a chance to meet other graduate students and build a stronger network. The members of GSLMU also serve as support systems because we have something to offer from our diverse backgrounds. For students to benefit, we need to work on increasing communication with all graduate students and programs. If not an increase, then a shift toward more transparency and clarity between programs. It’s easy to forget that we are all students experiencing similar struggles though we lead very different lives. We are all on the same team!
Lastly and the most importantly, as Vice President I will do whatever I must do to support the President and other eboard members of GSLMU. The eboard has a duty to the needs of the graduate student body, all 2,061 of us (not including the Law school). Responsibility that great cannot be handled alone. The eboard should look to each other for support. As a unit, the eboard can make the necessary changes to improve the graduate student experience.

Candidates for Treasurer

Nicholas (Nick) Islas
S&E / Healthcare Systems Engineering ’18

Biography: My name is Nick Islas, and I am running for Treasurer of GSLMU.  I graduated LMU as an undergraduate last May in 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. Currently, I am seeking to obtain my Master’s in Healthcare Systems Engineering at LMU.  I joined GSLMU in August as a senator for Seaver College of Science and Engineering, and I have continued to increase my involvement by being a part of the Grad Gala Planning Committee.  I also am employed as a full time staff member at LMU, working in the Office of President. I am seeking to run for Treasurer of GSLMU because I believe I have both the experience and insight needed for the position, and I am seeking to continue to extend my involvement within the LMU community.

Platform: My name is Nick Islas, and I am running for Treasurer of GSLMU. As a current member of GSLMU and a senator for the Seaver College of Science and Engineering, I believe I have the experience and insight necessary for the job.  In the past, I have held the same title of treasurer for my fraternity and I believe the skills I learned in the position will be a great asset to taking on this role.  I pride myself in being both organized and extremely dedicated to GSLMU and the principles and standards it upholds.  By taking on this position, I will continue to strengthen GSLMU’s financial integrity, and will continue to successfully coordinate GSLMU’s financial expenses , both external and internal.   As a growing organization, GSLMU has been a supportive and integral part of our university for graduate students, and I hope nothing more than to continue to be a part of it.
Thank you for taking the time to read my platform statement, and I look forward to continuing my involvement at LMU.

Candidates for Secretary

Grace Paz
SOE / Higher Education Administration ’18

Biography: LMU has been a part of my life from the very beginning. I was baptized in the chapel, went to school in Westchester, and have now work in the university’s housing office for two years. I studied History and Theology at the University of Notre Dame, while also spending time working in various university housing jobs and playing the saxophone. My work as an undergraduate has brought me to where I am today, eager to empower students to grow throughout their college careers. I am thrilled to be bringing my passion for university work and life back home. GSLMU has been a big part of my experience since returning to LMU and I’m excited to increase my commitment to the community.
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Platform: Graduate students are occupying a larger share of the population every year at LMU, and I believe we are still finding our places and learning how we can best advocate for ourselves at this university. As Secretary, I will bring the organizational and communication skills I employ in my work to serve the needs of the graduate student body.  It is my goal to facilitate the process, whether it be through building community amongst fellow graduate students, connecting students to resources throughout campus, or sharing student concerns with university decision-makers.

Appointed Positions

To indicate your interest in an appointed position, email GSLMU at gslmu@lmu.edu. Positions will be appointed by the incoming President for the 2017-18 year.

  • Senate: The principal purpose of a Senator is to serve as a representative of and advocate for the needs and interests of all graduate students at LMU and provide accountability and competence through oversight.  Senators are authorized to determine general rules, regulations and policies of GSLMU. They are also authorized to pass non-binding resolutions for the purpose of expressing approval or disapproval on issues, events, or policies over which the Senate lacks legislative jurisdiction. Fourteen graduate students shall be elected in the GSLMU General Election (two from each college).
  • Committee Chair: Committees are exciting opportunities to get involved in your student government and impact the overall campus community. Committee members assist in planning, marketing and facilitating programs and events hosted by GSLMU through its various departments.
    • Finance, Faith, Social, Communications, Service, Academic and Research, Technology, Alumni